Journal Thing...

2010-11-21 07:29:27 by ElDiabloz

So, I've found that a lot of the music I write for Uni are either:
A) Too difficult to get a recording of any kind
B) Wouldn't be to the public's 'taste'...:P
C) Fun to write!

Unfortunately, this means the music I thoroughly enjoy writing doesn't make it up here as much as I'd like...but oh well, I'll write more stuff like Rainy Rainforest of Raining to add, it'll keep my compositional muscles flexed!!!

Hang on

2009-03-28 20:15:24 by ElDiabloz

So, my audio submissions appear almost a week after submitting them! Took their time, but I suppose that it was necessary so Newgrounds can pick out the 'thieves' early...
Anyway, just took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to fav something, so I'm still getting used to the layout!
Also, I may post a few of my original pieces from the past here, just to get a decent gallery started...